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Eighteenth Century Journals III: 1680-1816

from British Library Newspapers, Colindale and Cambridge University Library

Further information on this digital resource can be found on our website www.amdigital.co.uk.

Ever since the publication of Sections I and II scholars and librarians have encouraged us to make available further 18th century journals, with a particular emphasis on those published outside of London.

To commence this process we have selected a group of 25 titles from Canada, the Caribbean and India from British Library Newspapers at Colindale. None of these titles appear in the Burney Collection (Early English Newspapers) or in ECCO or EEBO.

These journals demonstrate how news spread throughout the Empire and show how different stories gain greater prominence in different territories. They are an invaluable source for local news, but they also show how culture, taste and political concerns are circulated.

To this has been added a further 42 journals from Cambridge University Library, which is dominated by a large number of extremely rare titles published in Belfast, Clare, Cork, Derry, Drogheda, Dublin, Limerick, Munster, Sligo and Westmeath. Many are from the 1790s and reflect the revolutionary fervour in Ireland.

Cambridge also holds a number of important journals produced in Edinburgh (such as The Lounger and The Farmer’s Magazine), Canterbury (The Kentish Chronicle) and we also include the Cambridge University Magazine for 1795.

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