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Archives of the Royal Commonwealth Society from Cambridge University Library

Part 2: Imperial and Commonwealth Conferences, 1887-1955

Part 2 brings together three types of material from the archives of the Royal Commonwealth Society:

  • Minutes of Proceedings, Reports and Papers of Imperial and Commonwealth Conferences.
  • Articles and periodical literature concerning the Conferences.
  • Rare printed works providing a critical history of the Imperial and Commonwealth Conferences.

These documents provide scholars and researchers with a central core of evidence on relations with native races, attitudes towards race and colour, cultural contacts, the response of indigenous populations, the process of imperial decision making, policy discussions and colonial reforms at the highest level.

  • Very few libraries have a complete set of records for the range of Imperial and Commonwealth Conferences, 1887-1955. This microfilm set brings all this information together for the benefit of researchers.
  • These documents are important for a proper understanding of topics such as discovery and exploration, the migration of peoples, cultural interchange, colonial administration, decolonisation, political development and the economics of empire.

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