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Series Two: Vietnam, 1959-1975
(Public Record Office Classes FO 371 and FCO 15: South East Asia Department)
Part 1: Vietnam, 1959-1963
(PRO Class FO 371/144387-144461, 152737-152798, 160107-160175, 166697-166763 & 170088-170153)

"Few wars in recent times have demanded such close attention as the Vietnam war. This collection covers a period when Britain risked being drawn into conflicts developing throughout Indo-China, and will be of enormous value to all those researching this period."
Sir Lawrence Freedman,
Professor of War Studies and Vice-Principal (Research) King’s College, London.

Although Britain was not directly involved in the Vietnam War she did have substantial interests in South East Asia, and was anxious to monitor the situation closely. And whilst Britain regarded the United States as her principal ally, she was not uncritical of American diplomacy and military initiatives. The finely honed reporting skills of the Foreign Office were brought to bear on the situation and their testimony forms a useful complement to the evidence given in US State Department Files. Part 1 covers the years 1959-1963 with specific files on:

  • The internal political situation in North and South Vietnam.
  • The leading personalities involved.
  • Vietnam’s political and commercial relations with other countries.
  • The International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam.
  • The economic and financial situation in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese labour and trade unions.
  • US military assistance to South Vietnam.
  • Repatriation of Vietnamese refugees.
  • The Geneva Conference.
  • The coups against President Diem and his final overthrow and murder.
  • The British Advisory Mission in Saigon and the Strategic Hamlet Programme.
  • Anglo-American discussions, dispatches from the British Embassy and reports on visits to the area by British politicians and diplomats.
  • Weekly reports on the operations against the Viet Cong, giving detailed analysis of the situation and statistics.
Vietnam War

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