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Series Two: British Foreign Office Files for Post-War Japan, 1952-1980 (Public Record Office Classes FO 371 and FCO 21)

Part 9: Complete Files for 1975-1977

Here the focus is on the years 1975-1977. Files cover a wide range of social, economic, political and cultural topics, such as:

• Miki Takeo’s attempts to reform the Liberal Democratic Party.
• visits to Japan in 1975 by Peter Shore (Secretary of State for Trade), Anthony Crosland (Secretary of State for the Environment), Anthony Wedgwood Benn (Secretary of State for Energy) and Frederick Peart (Minister of Agriculture).
• the Queen’s State Visit to Japan in 1975 and the reciprocal visit to the UK in 1976 by the Crown Prince and Princess of Japan.
• visits to Japan in 1976 by Anthony Crosland (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) and Gerald Kaufman (Minister of State for Industry).
• Political developments, the Elections of 1976 and the loss of majority control in the Diet.
• Fukuda Takeo’s administration and his reliance on minor parties for support. In an effort to end the LDP's faction system, Fukuda Takeo introduced primary elections within the party.
• International trade, the economy and the balance of payments.
• Japan and the Economic Summit in London in May 1977.
• Nuclear Policy in Japan.
• the Environment.
• Education.
• the visit of Iichiro Hatayama, Japanese Foreign Minister, to the UK in 1977.
• Japan Airlines Flight 472, terrorism and Japan’s Police Agency.
• Defence policy.
• the continued reverberations of the Lockheed Scandal.

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