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Series One: European War 1914-1919, the War Reserve Collection from Camridge University Library

Part 4: German Propaganda of the First World War

“[This project] will provide a basis for scholarly and popular studies of the propaganda campaigns of both sides (a welcome development, given that much writing on propaganda so far has tended to be as one-sided as the propaganda itself).”
Professor Trevor Wilson, Department of History, University of Adelaide

The War Reserve Collection at Cambridge University Library is one of the finest collections in the world of materials documenting the First World War.  

Parts 3 & 4 concentrate on one of the great strengths of the collection – its holdings of Allied and German propaganda.  With a strong visual component, many of these are very striking indeed.  There is literature aimed at troops on the front line; at businessmen at home; at wives and mothers; and at politicians.

In Part 4 there are periodicals aimed at German Americans and isolationists such as Deutsch-Amerika, The Fatherland and Bull. There are also anti-imperialist tracts aimed at weakening Britain’s Indian and African support, reports on French atrocities in Spain, and Arabic pamphlets.  Individual titles include Condor por Sudamerika, The voice of German East Africa, The crime against Europe by Roger Casement, and The great conspiracy. 

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