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Series One: European War 1914-1919, the War Reserve Collection from Cambridge University Library

Part 5: The Royal Army Medical Corps, Red Cross and other Auxiliary Services

The War Reserve Collection at Cambridge University Library is one of the finest collections in the world of materials documenting the First World War.  

Part 5 offers a broad range of rare printed (often ephemeral) sources on an understudied dimension of the war – the role of the medical, nursing and other auxiliary services.

The works of the Royal Army Medical Corps and Red Cross are well covered, as are the efforts of the Aide Civile Belge, the Canadian Army Medical Corps, the French Relief Fund, the American Poets Ambulance in Italy, the New Zealand Medical Service and the YMCA.  There are records of hospitals dealing with amputees and those with shell shock, and accounts of individual medical officers, nurses and field ambulances.

Other topics covered include the munitions industry, railway and transportation networks, pensions, charities, refugees, and the role of pigeons in the war.

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