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Series One: European War 1914-1919, the War Reserve Collection from Cambridge University Library

Part 8: Russian Affairs, Bolshevism and the Eastern Front

The War Reserve Collection at Cambridge University Library is one of the finest collections in the world of materials documenting the First World War.   

Part 8 of this microfilm project covers all aspects of the Russian Front.

  • Many documents detail the social history of the Russian Revolution and the reaction of other nations to these events. 
  • Imprints by American, British, French, Swiss and Russian authors cover such topics as Bolshevism, life in Petrograd and proletarian culture. 
  • Arthur Ransome’s The Truth about Russia (1919) is included, as well as titles by Gorki, Lansburg, Lenin and Timochenko, amongst others. 
  • Documents providing details of major battles, including the Battle of Tannenburg (Aug 1914), the Battle of the Masurian Lakes (Sept 1914) and the Kerensky offensive (June-July 1917), give a real insight into the horrific and bloody conflicts which ended the lives of so many.
  • This collection offers the scholar the opportunity to understand key issues of the war from a variety of perspectives, including its terrible economic and social effects, and the various factors which lead to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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