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Rare Printed Works from the Sadleir-Black Collection of Gothic Fiction at the Alderman Library, University of Virginia

Part 1: Matthew Lewis and Gothic Horror - Beckford to Lewis

"While there are other fine collections of rare Gothic titles elsewhere in the world, the Sadleir-Black Collection at the University of Virginia holds its place as the Rosetta Stone of this lost literary movement. Particularly rich in Gothic bluebooks, chapbooks, and shilling shockers, once regarded by historians and book collectors as the toxic literary waste of Gothicism, the Collection's incomparable array of minor and major Gothics will now be universally accessible to scholars and researchers by way of this industrious and timely microfilming project."
Frederick S. Frank
Professor Emeritus of English, Allegheny College, Pennsylvania

The aim of this microfilm project is to make available a wide variety of Gothic texts, placing a special emphasis on material that is extremely rare or difficult to consult. To bring this within the compass of most libraries this has been divided into a number of thematic groupings.

Parts 1 & 2 cover 'Matthew Lewis and Gothic Horror.'  This first part features 92 volumes containing 35 key works, ranging from first editions of An Arabian Tale by William Beckford and Romantic Tales by Monk Lewis; to less familiar texts by authors such as George Brewer, Denis Diderot, Charlotte Dacre, Joseph Fox, Sophia Francis, Carl Grosse, Ann Hatton, William Henry Ireland, Harriet Jones, Francis Lathom, and Caroline Lamb.

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