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Series One: The Papers of Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 from the British Library, London

Part 2: Manuscript Records of Voyages of Discovery, 1450-1750

Sir Hans Sloane was the greatest collector in an age of great collectors.  His interest in voyages of discovery was fired by his own journey to Jamaica and the Caribbean, 1687-1689, and his meetings with Henry Morgan.  His collection includes important sources documenting exploration, colonisation, the Tudor and Stuart navy, imperial ambitions, pirates, and the growth of international trade. Part 2 features:

  • The original draft of John Chilton's voyage to the South Seas and New Spain, 1568-86; and Basil Ringrose's South Sea voyage of 1680;
  • Numerous manuscripts describing the voyages of Francis Drake, John Hawkins, Martin Frobisher, Walter Ralegh, and the Earl of Essex;
  • Papers of the Merchant Adventurers Co and of the East India Company Factory in Tanqueen;
  • Pedro Baretto de Rosende's account of the Portuguese East Indies;
  • The manuscript journal of Bart Sharp's journey overland to the South Seas in 1680 and then by sea along the west coast of America;
  • Notes on the laws and a 'History of Travaille' of Virginia;
  • A journey to Russia by Nicolai Warkottschii, 1593;
  • Volumes concerning Richard Bell, gun founder to the Great Moghuls;
  • Records of the travels of Marco Polo;
  • Papers of William Penn relating to the government of America;
  • Commonplace books of Gideon Bonnivert;
  • Works on navigation, geography and natural history.
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