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Series Two: The Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820

Part 1: Correspondence and Papers relating to Voyages of Discovery, 1740-1805, from the British Library, London

Joseph Banks served as Scientific Leader on Captain Cook's epic first voyage around the world on HMS Endeavour (1768-1771) and during his 42 tenure as President of the Royal Society, 1778-1820, he encouraged and sponsored voyages to all corners of the globe.  This project brings together both his own correspondence and papers and the journals and records of a host of voyages from 1740 to 1853. Part 1 offers:

  • 18 manuscript volumes containing letters to and from leading politicians, industrialists, and scientists of his day including George III, Matthew Boulton, James Cook, Ann and Matthew Flinders, Benjamin Franklin, William Herschel, William Hooker, Friedrich Humboldt, Edward Jenner, Antoine Lavoisier, William Marsden, Archibald Menzies, Mungo Park, William Pitt, Thomas Raffles, Lady Hester Stanhope, Alessandro Volta, James Watt, William Wilberforce, John Wilkes, Arthur Young and Carl Graf von Zeppelin.
  • Tasman's Journal of his voyage to the South Seas, 1642-43, in Dutch, and in an English translation taken by Banks on the Endeavour;
  • Midshipman Pinnock's record of the circumnavigation of Wallis and the Dolphin, 1766-68, and the European discovery of Tahiti;
  • Orders and letters describing Anson's voyage on the Centurion, 1740-44;
  • 11 manuscripts documenting Cook's first circumnavigation, including his log, maps & charts, and drawings & sketches by Buchan, Parkinson and Miller.
  • 10 manuscripts concerning Cook's second circumnavigation, including his log and account, Furneaux's journal, and drawings by Hodges and Webber;
  • Lieutenant Burney's journal describing Cook's third attempted circumnavigation and the events in Hawaii that led to his death;
  • 11 volumes relating to Vancouver's circumnavigation on the Discovery, 1791-1795, including his exploration of the Pacific Northwest;
  • Accounts of the Investigator and Flinders' Australian Survey, 1800-03.

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