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Series Four: Sources from the Record Offices in the United Kingdom

Part 4: The Darby Family, Coalbrookdale Estate and the Iron Bridge - sources from Shropshire Archives

Coalbrookdale has been described as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution because it was here that the Darby family pioneered the world’s first successful coke-fired blast furnaces. Their cast iron spanned the country in the form of railroad tracks. It was used in textile mills to replace the combustible wood of earlier frames. It was also used to create the iconic Iron Bridge across the River Severn.

In this part we offer access to a cluster of collections from the Shropshire archives describing the activities of successive generations of the Darby family of Coalbrookdale, ironmasters of the Industrial Revolution. We include:

  • The Papers of the Coalbrookdale Company
  • The Archives of the Iron Bridge
  • The Deeds and Family papers of the Darby Family

Scholars of the Industrial Revolution will be delighted to have access to these archives which describe the evolution of one of the central companies of the industrial age.

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