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From the British Library, London

Part 2: Bengal, 1904-1916

Continuing the sequence started in Part 1 of this project, we provide weekly precis, extracts and reports from over 340 different Indian newspapers for the period 1904-1916 (please see list under Digital Guide).

These comprise an excellent resource for studying social and political events, conditions of the local population, public opinion, criticisms of the government and the development of nationalist sentiments. The typewritten reports cover both Indian language newspapers and English language newspapers owned by the Indians. The material is organised chronologically and divided under various subject headings such as:

  • Foreign Politics.
  • Home Administration (including the police, the courts, the jails, education, local government, the land and the railways). There are items on the Malaria Committee, Congress politics, unrest in various parts of the country, the Arms Act, Hindu-Muslim relations and the appointment of Indians to top positions in the Police Department
  • Legislature (especially reports concerning the First World War).
  • Native States.
  • Prospect of the Crops and Condition of the People.

There is an index at the front of each volume.

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