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Part 1: Suffrage Correspondence of Rose Scott (1847-1925) from the State Library of New South Wales

Rose Scott was a leading figure in the Women's Suffrage Movement in Australia.  She was also a prolific correspondent.  Here are all of her letters, 1877-1920, relating to suffrage, including examples from:

  • Carrie Chapman Catt of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance;
  • Margaret Agg of the Queensland Women’s Electoral League;
  • George Bell, US Consul in Sydney;
  • Signe Bergman of the Swedish National Women’s Suffrage Alliance;
  • Lily Braun-Girzycki of the movement for women’s suffrage in Germany;
  • Clara Colby of The Woman’s Tribune, Washington DC;
  • Adela Coit of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance in New York;
  • Catherine Hughes, Hon Secretary of the Women’s Equal Franchise Association, Brisbane;
  • Emily Leaf, National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies in London ;
  • Johanne Monrad, Member of the Danish National Council of Women;
  • Maybanke Wolstenholme.

These letters demonstrate the interconnected nature of international women's suffrage and show the rival influence of American, British and Australasian views (with New Zealand being the first country to grant female suffrage).

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