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Manuscript Records of Traders, Travellers, Missionaries and Diplomats, 1853-1941

Part 5: The William Elliot Griffis Collection from Rutgers University Library - Writings by Griffis

This project makes available a wide range of English language sources by writers, diplomats, tourists, businessmen, missionaries and others documenting the political, cultural and social history of Japan from 1853 to the present.  Parts 2-5 are based on the papers of William Elliot Griffis, a great collector of material about Japan and one of the first oyatoi gaikokujin, or foreign employees of the Japanese government.  Part 5 features: 

  • Over 250 journal and newspaper articles published by Griffis in a variety of publications (most of which are now very hard to find) on topics ranging from 'First Glimpses of Japan' and 'Japan's transformation since her hermit days', to 'The Samurai of the Ages' and 'the literary movement in new Japan.'
  • All of Griffis' major printed works, including: Corea: The Hermit Nation (1882); Dux Christus: An Outline Study of Japan (1904); Hepburn of Japan and his wife... (1913); Honda the Samurai (1890); Japanese Fairy Tales (n.d.); The Japanese Nation in Evolution (1907); Korean Fairy Tales (1911 & 1922); A Maker of the New Orient: Samuel Robbins Brown (1902); Matthew Calbraith Perry (1887); The Mikado’s Empire (1877); The Romance of Discovery (1897); The Romance of Conquest (1899); The Religions of Japan... (1907); Townsend Harris (1895); The Unmannerly Tiger & other Korean Tales (1911); and Verbeck of Japan (1900).

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