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Series One: The Papers of General Robert L Eichelberger (1886-1961) from the William R Perkins Library, Duke University

Part 2: Subject Files on Japan and Diaries (Boxes 54-65 and Boxes 1-4)

Part 2 covers material on events in Japan, providing monthly non-military summaries, files on the political reorganization of Japan 1947-1949, public health and welfare reports, 1945-1949, industrial reparations and Eisenhower's inspection of Kobe Base in May 1946. There are also files on the Sorge spy reports and material on Korea.

We also include all of Eichelberger's diaries for 1940-1951 which are very detailed and contain substantial daily entries. These provide vivid insights into military operations during the War in the Pacific followed by a valuable record of Eichelberger’s work during the Occupation period with careful observations on all aspects of the post-war situation.

His voluminous personal files on social and economic conditions in Japan for the period 1945-1949 contain interesting essays, memoranda, articles and background studies. These include items such as:

  • His chronology of the Occupation, 15 August 1945 - 31 March 1946.
  • Memoranda on Japanese personalities such as  Yoshida and Shidehara.
  • Civil Liberties in Japan.
  • Balance Sheet of the Occupation of Japan.
  • Important Japanese Imports for 1947.
  • the Japanese return to Shinto customs.
  • Teachers IN-Service radio programs.
  • the return of Provost Court Cases to Japanese Courts.
  • The Colonial Club of Yokohama.
  • MacArthur's 6-Year Plan for Japan's Rehabilitation.
  • Resumé of Recommendations of the Report on Japanese Policy by the
    American Council of Japan.
  • His memoranda on arrival in Japan.
  • Japan as a Future Friend.
  • His articles on the Amphibious Eighth.
Robert Eichelberger

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