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The Private Letters and Diaries of Sir Ronald Storrs (1881-1955) from Pembroke College, Cambridge

Ronald Storrs was a leading figure in Middle East politics and history between 1904 and 1950. 

  • He served in Egypt, 1904-1917, under Gorst, Kitchener and McMahon.
  • He was a close friend of T E Lawrence and Gertrude Bell and was actively involved in the Arab Revolt, 1914-1917.
  • He served first as Military Governor and then as Civil Governor in Jerusalem, 1917-1926, and was present at the time of the Balfour Declaration.
  • He maintained a life-long interest in the region, staying in touch with political and intellectual leaders in the region, and travelling extensively in Abyssinia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia and other countries.

This collection preserves his detailed diaries, 1902-1950, and his extensive correspondence, which includes letters from Amir Abdullah, Allenby, Leo Amery, Gertrude Bell, Norman Bentwich, Bernard Berenson, Violet Bonham-Carter, Curzon, King Faisal, Prince Ibrahim Hilmi, Sharif Hussein, Kitchener, T E Lawrence, Rose Macauley, Milner, Nashab Pasha, Sirri Pasha, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Samuel, Ethel Smythe, Arnold Toynbee, Robert Vansittart, Chaim Waizmann and others.

"Storrs was always first, and the great man among us."
T E Lawrence,
Seven Pillars of Wisdom

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