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“…wondrous, unique research material … a famous resource for researchers in countless fields.”
Angus Calder,
Reader in Cultural Studies,
Open University

The Archive of Mass-Observation, a pioneering social research organisation, has been described as a "treasure trove", "an invaluable resource for sociologists and cultural historians" and "a fascinating source of precious data for researchers across the widest range of disciplines".

It has been used by anthropologists, cultural and social historians, literary scholars, performance artists, sociologists, and those working in educations, war studies and gender studies - all of whom testify to the richness of this resource, which opens up a seemingly limitless opportunity for essays, project work and fresh research.

The project opens up revolutionary access to the archive and offers:

  • A complete set of the File Reports, 1937-1972, with full text searching ability
  • Access to all of the Day Surveys, Directives and Diaries, 1937-1940
  • Seven previously unpublished Topic collections covering Famous Persons, Household Budgeting, Juvenile Delinquency, Korea, Peace & the Public, Radio Listening and World Outlook
  • Nine contextual essays by leading scholars describing the archive and suggesting research and teaching strategies
  • Photographs by Humphrey Spender, interactive maps, and much valuable supporting material
Mass Observation Online


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