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The Alexander Duff Collection of Missionary Pamphlets

Alexander Duff (1806-1878) was a prominent Christian missionary in India who pioneered the use of education as a missionary tool and – in consequence – played a major role in the development of schools and universities in Modern India.  Later he became the Convener of Foreign Missions of the Free Church of Scotland and he helped to establish missions in Lebanon, Natal, Syria and Nyasaland.

He also left behind a remarkable pamphlet collection with strong coverage of:

  • The role of education in missionary work.
  • The development of education in India.
  • The spread of English literature and the teaching of practical and agricultural science in India.
  • Indian mission history.
  • World mission.
  • World religions and the interaction of faiths.  
  • Women and mission work.
  • Women’s work in India


This collection will fuel much new research in a variety of fields including the methodology of missions; the role of educational and medical work in missionary practice; the contribution of missionary work to the modernization of India; interchanges between major world religions; and history and culture of India.

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