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from the British Library, London

Part 2: Family letters and correspondence with Clough, Jowett, Martineau, Mill and others

"Nightingale is nowadays typically quite misrepresented on women’s issues. A BBC2 programme even likened her to Margaret Thatcher and stated that she opposed the vote for women. Yet the original sources show Nightingale’s strong support for Liberal politics — she really did not like Conservatives although she had to work with them. Rather she gave money to the Liberal Party, wrote letters of support for Liberal candidates and even thought God was a Liberal! So also is her support for the vote for women clear in correspondence.” 

Lynn McDonald, Consultant Editor
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph 
Editor of 'The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale'

Based on the British Library’s superb collection of correspondence and literary manuscripts, this exciting new project enables scholars to explore all aspects of the life and works of a Victorian icon. 

Part 2 includes key correspondence with leading intellectuals such as Henry Acland, Helen Bonham Carter, Mary Carpenter, Arthur Hugh Clough, Benjamin Jowett, Harriet Martineau, John Stuart Mill, Arnold Toynbee and the Verneys.

We also feature Nightingale’s family letters on all manner of subjects. Some letters are of a very personal nature showing her caring side, regularly sending flowers and presents. Many letters concentrate on her ongoing interests: hospitals, army medical schools, nursing and sanitation in India. She corresponds regularly on schools for Bosnian children in Sarajevo.

Those researching the history of medicine, nursing, public health and social reform will find her manuscripts to be resource of great value.

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