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Part 4: The Correspondence and Papers of John Gibson Lockhart (1794-1854), Editor of the Quarterly Review, from the National Library of Scotland

This is a key source for all scholars of Romanticism and Victorian Literature. The papers of J G Lockhart provide insights into the world of literary criticism, Edinburgh literary society, The Quarterly Review and authors from Scott to Disraeli. It features:

  • Material relating to Lockhart's championing of Wordsworth and Coleridge and his mauling of Keats and Leigh Hunt (The Cockney School of Poetry)
  • Fourteen Volumes of Lockhart’s correspondences as editor of The Quarterly Review, 1825-1854, with correspondents ranging from Coleridge and Southey to Dickens and Mary Howitt.
  • Three volumes of correspondences with Sir Walter Scott dating from 1815 to 1832 and showing his maturing as a critic and as a person (also his marriage to Scott’s daughter Charlotte).
  • Correspondence with Allan Cunningham about the Lives of British Painters and ten volumes of Lockhart’s literary manuscripts.


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