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Part 6: Correspondence and Papers, 1788-1827, of Archibald Constable, Publisher of the Edinburgh Review (NLS Mss 319-332, 668-684, 742-743, 789-792,7200, 8991, 23117, 23230-23234, 23618-23620)

"Archibald Constable is one of the great figures of early 19th century publishing, occupying a place in the emergence of Edinburgh as an important centre for the book trade...."
William Ruddick, writing in the Encyclopaedia of Romanticism, 1992

This is a key source for all scholars of Romanticism, 19th century literature, and publishing history.   Here are the papers of the eminent publishing company Archibald Constable & Co:  

  • The papers describe the rise of the Company, largely due to the launch of The Edinburgh Review (in 1802) and the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s Sir Tristam.
  • They describe literary society in Britain, particularly in Edinburgh, the running of a literary review magazine, and relationships with authors.
  • They describe the disastrous crash of the Company in 1826, swiftly followed by the death of the owner, and causing the bankruptcy of Sir Walter Scott.
  • There is all of the editorial correspondence, 1788-1827, including much with Scott – and important correspondence with Cadell, Longman & Co and Hurst, Robinson & Co.
"Never did there nor can there exist so liberal, so intelligent or so trustworthy an establishment."
Sir Walter Scott


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