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OLIPHANT: The Collected Writings of Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897)

Part 3

Margaret Oliphant was one of the most prolific and respected authors in Victorian England.  She was well thought of by writers as varied as J M Barrie and Anthony Trollope and was reputed to be Queen Victoria's favourite author.  This project brings together all of her published novels, collections of short stories, critical works and travel writings.

Part 3 provides a further 31 titles including A beleagured city (1880), The Ladies Lindores (1883), Kirsteen (1890), Who was lost and is found (1894) and The two Marys (1896).

No fair assessment of Oliphant can be made without consulting a broad body of her works, most of which are now out of print.  This project enables scholars to see the full range of her literary output, much of which addresses themes of loss, the redemptive power of art and often involves strong female characters.

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