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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Part 2: The Braye Manuscripts from the House of Lords Record Office

"An essential research collection, the Braye Manuscripts relate to substantive issues in Parliament during virtually all of the seventeenth century. The collection complements the House of Lords Main Papers, the Journals, Howell’s State Trials and Rushworth. The Braye Papers are doubly important because we know their provenance and legitimacy."
Maija Jansson, The Yale Center for Parliamentary History, Yale University

This material is of paramount importance for all students and scholars of Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, the Civil War and the Interregnum, Charles II, James II and the Glorious Revolution. With significant early diaries, draft journals, scribbled books, lists of Private Acts, petitions and the dialogue between both Houses, there is a wealth of detail on all manner of social, economic, financial, political and religious issues. The documents span the period 1572-1714.

The papers were accumulated by John Browne, Clerk of the Parliaments, 1638-91, and were one of the most important collections of parliamentary records in private hands.  They were acquired by the House of Lords Records Office in 1987 and now are opened up to a mich wider audience.


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