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Part 1: The Papers of Edmund Burke, 1729-1797, from Sheffield Archives and Northamptonshire Record Office

"Despite his humble origins and failure ever to hold high office, Edmund Burke was of major importance in later eighteenth century politics as a party tactician, member of parliament and orator, political philosopher and writer whose views were influential on many major issues. His well organised papers (never likely to be fully published in a printed version) throw vital light on a large number of key topics of the period, as a description of the collection makes clear."
Marie Peters, formerly Reader in History,
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

This publication offers the whole of the Burke literature, letters and papers from the Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments at Sheffield City Libraries. Interleaved in their correct sequence throughout this rich correspondence are copies of letters from other libraries scattered across the world, including over 700 items from Northamptonshire County Record Office.

This is a collection of the first importance for all scholars of 18th century history and politics and has much valuable material concerning:

  • The American Revolution.
  • The French Revolution.
  • British imperial ambitions in India.
  • Ireland and the Roman Catholic question.
Edmund Burke

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