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Part 2: Issues for 1797-1810, 1828 & 1830-1840 from the State Library of New South Wales

"Since 1772, this periodical has contained detailed information relating to crime, criminals and police officers throughout England and Wales.  It contains a wealth of information of interest to police and local historians and is a virtually untapped source." 
Les Waters, Police History Society.

The Police Gazette is an invaluable resource for all those interested in Georgian and Victorian social history.  It provides minute details of offences committed and thus provides a vast array of information on topics such as:

  • highwaymen.
  • army deserters and changes of identity.
  • valuable possessions.
  • transportation to Australia.
  • public morality and censorship.

Part 2 focusses on the earlier period and makes available issues for 1797-1810, 1828 & 1830-1840 (covering a further 26 years, representing 20% of the total run that we hope to assemble from c1772 to 1900) from the holdings of the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. There are crimes reported in London, Bristol and Newcastle ranging from arson, forgery and house-breaking, to cattle stealing, embezzlement and fraud.  Genealogists will also find this a very helpful resource, as there are lists of criminals, deserters and those being sent to Australia.

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