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Part 2: 1916-1917
(The Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, the News of the World and The People)

Popular newspapers offer scholars the opportunity to see how the First World War was reported to the people at home.  They offer: 

  • Human interest stories, which alter our view of the war as a massive struggle between millions of men.  The Russian Revolution comes alive when seen through the eyes of a reporter on the spot.
  • Insights into the myths of war. 
  • Photographs from the front lines - especially in the Daily Mirror whose front page was always devoted to 'pictures of the day.'  These provide chilling coverage of the first battle of the Somme (in which a 9 mile advance cost the British army over 400,000 lives).
  • Detailed accounts of the latest developments whether on the home front or the battlefield.
  • Interesting articles by leading writers and politicians.  Tne Daily Express, now controlled by Beaverbrook, gives great insights into the replacement of Asquith by Lloyd George in December 1916.
  • Much material on popular culture, ranging from music hall and variety, to the turf and football. 

Part 2 covers the period from 1916 to 1917, from the battle of Jutland to war in the Middle East.

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