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Papers of the RBMU concerning the Congo, India, Nepal and Peru from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, New College, University of Edinburgh

Part 1: Minute Books of the RBMU, 1903-1955

The Regions Beyond Missionary Union (RBMU) dates back to 1873 and Henry Grattan Guiness's pioneering missionary work in the East End of London.  As it evolved, the RBMU specialised in:

  • The training of missionaries - By 1903, their interdenominational Harley House Institute in Bow had trained 887 men and 281 women for missionary service all over trhe world with a wide variety of missionary organisations.
  • Sponsoring missions at the boundaries of Empire - literally reaching the parts that other missionary organisations found it difficult to reach.  RBMU's biggest successes were in the Congo, Northern India, Nepal and Peru.
  • Reporting on and assisting with the activities of numerous small, independent missionary groups in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Part 1 contains the Director's Minute Books from 1900 to 1955, Minutes of Annual General Meetings, Early Documents, Minutes of the Harley House Institute, and rare printed items describing the history of RBMU. These document all aspects of their work and activities and provide a useful introduction to the RBMU.

The RBMU archive is a rich resouce for anthropologists, cultural historians, missiologists and those involved with area studies. 

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