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Papers of the RBMU concerning the Congo, India, Nepal and Peru from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, New College, University of Edinburgh

Part 2: Correspondence and Reports of the RBMU - the Congo Mission, 1888-1955


Livingstone Inland Mission
Livingstone Inland Mission Log Book
Diary or log book written by Adam McCall with daily entries recording his departure from England, arrival in Congo and first attempts to establish stations upriver. (Vol 2, mentioned in the list of McCall papers below, is missing).
1 vol: Mar 1880 - Dec 1880 (CSCNWW 33/26/1)

Letters from Adam McCall
Copies made by McCall of his letters to the Livingstone Inland Mission committee and to the Guinnesses reporting on the progress of the mission.
1 file: May 1880 - May 1881 (CSCNWW 33/26/2)

Letters to Mrs A McCall
Letters written to Mrs A McCall mainly from her son Adam in Congo, with a copy of a letter from Adam McCall to Fanny Guinness, a copy of a letter from Sir Arthur Cotton about the navigation of Congo, a letter concerning McCalls death, and letters to Mrs McCall from other missionaries such as Henry Craven and Mrs E A Clark in Congo and Edwin Lloyd in South Africa; also includes photographs of Lloyds family, McCall in Madeira (?), Henry Craven with the two African boys (1881?) and Langalibalele and sons; with a list of McCall papers.
1 file: 1872, Mar 1880 - Mar 1915 (CSCNWW 33/26/3)

Congo Balolo Mission
Early Congo Documents and Statistics
Material relating to the early years of the Livingstone Inland Mission and the Congo Balolo Mission, includes lists of missionaries with details of careers and deaths; statistics relating to the mission (1908); copy of an agreement for a plot of land at Bongandanga (1891); Mrs Ruskins agreement with the mission (1898); lists of goods and missionary allowances; list of CBM publications (1919?); minutes of the CBM field conference (1920); and list of the children of missionaries in the UK (1921?).
1 file: c.1880 - 1927 (CSCNWW 33/26/4)


Early Congo History
Material relating to the early history of the mission, includes lists and statistics; diaries of Congo missionary Margaret Dalgarno (later Mrs Richard Cole, 2 vols. 1890-1892); copies of letters from missionary W D Armstrong to his family (1897-1928); notes by other missionaries such as on Ikau (1911) and Yoseki (1917) stations; memoir of John Carpenter describing his marriage and early work in Congo (1921); and Vera A Haass printed memoirs (missionary 1935-1955). (Includes a copy of an interview with Alice Harris about early CBM history taken from Congo Field Correspondence file Oct 1970).
2 files: various dates (CSCNWW 33/26/5-6)
2 vols: 1890 - 1891, 1891 - 1892 (CSCNWW 33/26/7-8)


Early Congo History (continued)
W D Armstrongs manuscript The Earlier Years of the Congo Balolo Mission and further bound, typed draft Sunrise on the Congo (c 1934 1 vol)
1 vol: c.1934 (Sunrise on the Congo) (CSCNWW 33/27)

Congo Balolo Mission Minute Books
Minutes of the London meetings of the Advisory (later Executive) Council of the CBM, referring to all aspects of the mission including: the selection and progress of missionaries; work in the field including reports and copies of minutes and correspondence from field committees; growth of the indigenous church; and relations with other missions and bodies including the Congo Reform Association. From 1919 the business was dealt with at RBMU Directors meetings. Some indexed.
4 vols: Nov 1888 - June 1919 (CSCNWW 33/28-31)
v1: Nov 1888 - June 1896


Congo Balolo Mission Minute Books (continued)
v2: June 1896 - Jan 1902
v3: Feb 1902 - Nov 1910


Congo Balolo Mission Minute Books (continued)
v4: Jan 1911 - June 1919

Congo Field Minutes and Correspondence
Material sent to and received from Congo, includes Minutes of the annual conferences of the field committee held until 1966, with some minutes of later committees, conference minutes, station committee minutes and reports. (See minute books in Part 1 for early field reports and file on early Congo Documents and Statistics for report of 1920 conference, no conference held in 1940, minutes for 1951 and 1954-58 missing).
1 vol.: Oct 1929 - Oct 1937 (minutes of field conferences only) (CSCNWW 33/32/1)


Congo Field Minutes and Correspondence (continued)

Correspondence with missionaries in the field

1 files: 1932 - Nov 1934 (CSCNWW 33/32/2), Oct 1944 - July 1954 (CSCNWW 33/32/3)


Congo Balolo Mission Annual Reports
Annual reports from mission stations in Congo, including statistics; no written reports (statistics only) from 1943-44 and 1947-48, and several missing in 1950s. See files on Congo Field Minutes above for 1959 reports and some station minutes.
2 files: 1938 - 1940 (CSCNWW 33/34/3), 1941 - 1957 (CSCNWW 33/35/1)


Congo Publications

Congo Balolo Mission Record
Editions of the Record or newsletter produced (1904-35) by the mission, published quarterly and printed at Bongandanga with news articles and notes written by missionaries. (Missing 1908 no 4; 1912 no 4; and 1917 no 1)
4 vols: 1904 - 1935 (CSCNWW Library)
- 1904 - 1920
- 1921 - 1926
- 1927 - 1930
- 1931 - 1935


Congo Publications (continued)

Congo Balolo Mission Record

The first book printed and bound by the natives at the mission station in Bongandanga was volume 1 of the Congo Balolo Mission Record.
1 vol.: 1904 - 1907 (CSCNWW 33/35/3)

Congo Pamphlets, Printed Books and Articles
Pamphlets, leaflets and circulars describing the history and work of the mission, including: Dr Guinness Self-Refuted, Inconsistency of the Congo Balolo Missionaries (copy, 1905); The First Christian Mission on the Congo (Mrs H Grattan Guinness, 4th ed. 1882); Congo Slavery (H Grattan Guinness, 1903); Rubber is Death (John Harris, 1904); a special number of Regions Beyond the Congo Crisis (Jan-Feb 1908); Bokwala, The Story of a Congo Victim (1910); Congo Past and Present (A Stonelake, 1937); Conquest in Congo (E Laurence Walling, 1945); and Ruskin of Congo (Mrs Ruskin, 1948).
5 vols.: 1882 - 1910 (CSCNWW 33/35/4-8)
3 vols.: 1937 - 1948 (CSCNWW 33/36/1-3)


Congo Publications (continued)

Congo Pamphlets, Printed Books and Articles

Pamphlets, leaflets and circulars describing the history and work of the mission, including: Congo Bush Stories, and a Centenary Special produced by the Eglise du Christ au Zaire (1978).
1 file: 1905 - 1980s (mainly 1970s and 1980s) (CSCNWW 33/36/4)

Congo Language Items
Printed volumes in Congo languages (Lomongo, Lingombe, and Longando) many written by A and L Ruskin, including church and bible histories, hymn books, volumes on grammar, readers, bible study items and bible translations (one includes a photograph of the Ruskins, c.1930).
7 vols.: 1908 - 1951 (CSCNWW 33/36/5-11)


Congo Language Items (continued)
2 vols.: 1908 - 1951 (CSCNWW 33/36/12-13)


Congo Language Items (continued)
2 vols.: 1908 - 1951 (CSCNWW 33/36/14-15)


Congo Language Items (continued)
5 vols.: 1908 - 1951 (CSCNWW 33/36/16-20)

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