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The Reconstructed Life of European Scholars, 1450-1700
Series One: The Books and Manuscripts of John Dee, 1527-1608

Part 9: John Dee's Manuscripts and Annotated Books from the Trinity College, Cambridge and the Bodleian Library, Oxford

The final part of this project brings together significant manuscripts and annotated printed books which were once in the Library of the great Renaissance polymath, John Dee.

The marginalia in texts by authors such as Euclid, Ptolemy, Avicenna and Conrad Gesner show us how Dee interacted with his books and organised knowledge in a great storehouse that was at the disposal of explorers, politicians and other leading figures in Elizabethan society.

With the publication of Part 9 we have now reassembled 70% of the manuscripts and 85% of the printed works known to have been in his library and we can begin to piece together the conceptual framework of Dee and his contemporaries. We can better understand their influences and their world view.


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