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The SUM in Nigeria, The Cameroons, Chad, Sudan and other African Territories

Part 4: Lantern Slides, Slides and Photographs


Lantern Slides and Slides, c1908-c1980

Subjects include:

• Village scenes and countryside including Panyam, Rumasha, Krongo, Lake Chad
• Local people, showing dress, ornaments, hair designs, body painting and tribal marks
• Local markets
• Crafts such as plaiting mats, spinning cotton, making string, leather making
• Schools including Forum Junior School at Langtang, Theological College at Bukuru, Gindiri Secondary School
• Native chiefs
• Missionaries and their homes
• Dinka “stork men”, Fulini girls, athletes at national games, witch doctors, Manda people
• Local agriculture
• Wedding rituals
• Sacrifices and initiation ceremonies
• War dances
• Animals, birds, insects and hunters
• Flora and fauna
• Hospitals including nurses, doctors, patients, midwives, lepers. Included are Vom Hospital and the David Gordon Memorial Hospital at Livingstonia
• Churches including those at Kabwir, Kerang
• SUM conference, 1934
• Methods of transport
• Modern scenes of shops, markets, car parks and roads in Jos, Lagos and Ibadan
• Rural health
• Modern agricultural methods
• Funerals
• Women leaders of the Jarawa Christians


Slides, c1908-c1980

Subjects include:

• Funerals
• Native pastors and their families
• Native church leaders
• Hospitals, midwives at places such as Vom and Nguru
• Dispensaries at places such as Boi
• Weddings
• Crafts such as weaving and carpentry
• Village scenes
• Gindiri College of Education
• Kabwir Bible College
• Maiduguri Government Secondary School
• Jos bookshop
• Local dress, face art and tribal marking
• Leprosy settlements at Lupwe and Mongu
• Nwol Faith and Farm Project
• Juba Vocational Training Centre
• Boys’ Brigade
• Independence Day
• Agriculture
• Iron smelting
• Baptisms in the river
• Beggars
• Dinka women and houses
• Animals
• Nomads
• Refugee transit camps
• Famine scenes in Chad
• Adult Blind Programme
• Community Health Project
• Sets of slides for educational talks


Photographs, c1908-c1975

Subjects include:

• Schools, school children and teachers including Langtang School, Panyam Primary School, Lupure Boarding School and Nakam Memorial Secondary School
• Hospital at Vom, dispensaries at Gwoza, Rumasha, Donga and Forum, maternity wards including nurses, patients, midwives, doctors
• Leper clinics at Gurum, Nguru, Maiduguri
• Countryside scenes, village houses, local people and markets
• Baptisms, native pastors such as Rev Bali and Rev Damina, evangelists, churches at Gurum and Ibi
• Staff of missions at Panyam, Gindiri and Parwus
• Local activities such as weaving, pounding corn, picking crops
• Local tribes and chiefs such as the Kanuri people, the Chief of Wase, the Hausa,
beak-lipped women at Jerai, Nguru tribesmen, Burum people, Dzompere women, Sura horsemen, the Kalere, the Chief of Vom, the King of Donga, the King of Wukari
• Social activities of missionaries
• SUM conference at Numan, 1931
• Jubilee Conference of SUM at Miango, 1954
• The handing over of Gindiri Teachers’ Training College to the Church of Christ in Nigeria, 1976
• SUM personalities such as Mr and Mrs J L Maxwell, Mr H Farrant, Mr and Mrs Nicholson, Dr Helen Telford, Rev and Mrs Perfect, Rev and Mrs Oswald, Bishop Smith, David Lot,
Mr and Mrs Barnden, Miss C Haigh, Dr Chandler
• Street scenes of towns such as Lagos and Freetown
• Local customs such as initiation rites, witch doctors, Dinkas performing a hyaena dance, fetish worship, demon-dancers of Bori
• Weddings of missionaries and local people


Photographs, c1908-c1980

The majority of the photographs in this reel show Vom Christian Hospital and other medical work carried out by SUM.

Vom Hospital

Photographs show nurses, doctors, patients, midwives, the dispensary, school of nursing, operating theatre. Included also are photographs of the Kaduna Branch of the Fellowship of Christian Nurses and those showing the 50th Anniversary of the hospital in 1972.

Medical Work

Leprosy sufferers at Molai Hospital, at Maidupuri Leper Colony and Mongu Leprosy Centre; Nguru Hospital, Panyam Hospital, family planning clinics, nutrition units and dispensaries.

There are also photographs related to agriculture showing harvesting, conferences, training courses and the Faith and Farm Project; photographs of native pastors, local markets, villages and schools.


Photographs, c1908-c1980

The photographs on this reel consist of the following subjects:

Schools including Gindiri Boys’ School, Nakam Memorial Secondary School and Mangu Secondary School showing students, teachers and classrooms.

SUM at home including the headquarters at Bawtry Hall, conferences and SUM missionaries.

Bible training colleges including those at Gindiri and Forum and Theological Colleges including the Theological College of Northern Nigeria with photographs of native pastors, students, villages, children, missionaries.

Plateau local churches including those at Kwolla, Daffo, Langtang, Gindiri, Zaria and Panyam. The photographs show villages and local people, native pastors, weddings, baptisms, local dress, countryside, local chiefs and followers, snake charmers.

Youth work showing the members and staff of the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades.


Photographs, c1930-c1980

The photographs are divided into different categories:

Fulani and Hausa people showing men and women in tribal dress, body art, local elders and native pastors.

Transport including old and modern forms for example camels, boats, bicycles and donkeys, trucks, railways and modern roads.

Churches mostly of the COCIN (the Church of Christ in Nigeria), the indigenous church founded by SUM. The photographs show members of the congregations, missionaries, native pastors.

Early photographs up to the early 1930’s mostly depicting the local people, villages, missionaries and including an excellent photo of the first African baptised by SUM, Thomas G Aliyana.

Photographs taken in the Langtang area, 1920’s to the 1930’s showing missionaries, villages, local people, local dress and warriors and animals.

Photographs of mission stations taken during a visit in 1948 by Colin Kerr, Chairman of SUM

Photographs of a visit to Nigeria by Queen Elizabeth II.

Photographs of the celebration of the forming of the Republic of Nigeria with photographs of ministers.

Vom Christian Hospital showing the hospital buildings, patients, nurses, doctors, wards and treatment.


Photographs c1930-c1950

The photographs mostly depict the buildings, students and teachers of schools and colleges in Gindiri:

Gindiri Teacher Training College
Gindiri Boys’ Secondary School
Gindiri Bible School
Gindiri Training Institute

Also included are photographs of the Blind School at Jos and those taken by L A Herbert on a tour, 1958-59 showing leprosy clinics, hospitals, missionaries, local people, villages, countryside and bookshops.

Bautchi Woman and Child


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