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Part 2: The Missionary Record of the United Free Church of Scotland, 1901-1929

The Missionary Record is among the most accessible of all missionary periodicals issued by the Church of Scotland.  This was deliberate as it was aimed at a general audience who wanted to know not only about progress in missions, but also about the Church’s position on key issues of the day such as Temperance, the War, Race and Religious Broadcasting.

Every issue is packed with details of missionary work in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South Pacific, but – notably – it also contains considerable details concerning missions in the UK and Europe.  There are details of work in the slums of Glasgow and the settlement projects in London, as well as reports on Jewish missions and on ministry to soldiers during the Great War.  There are also interesting articles on issues such as the state of the Church in Austria, on meetings such as the Nashville Student Missionary Convention of 1906, and on Church Union in Canada.

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