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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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from the British Library, London

Part 3: Journalism, Lectures and Autobiographical Material

Anyone wishing to study Shaw’s broader cultural influence will find much to interest them in this third part.  We feature:

  • All of Shaw's contributions to The Hornet, The Dramatic Review, The Pall Mall Gazette and the World;
  • seven substantial volumes of articles on all subjects written for or published in newspapers and periodicals;
  • three volumes of lectures and public addresses;
  • a collection of annotated transcripts of broadcasts;
  • 21 volumes of notebooks and a collection of autobiographical materials.

The project is accompanied by a detailed listing of the manuscripts, with an introduction by Professor Leonard Conolly.    

This is an essential source for all those studying Shaw, modern drama, late 19th and early 20th century politics, intellectual history and the increased secularisation of British society.


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