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The Tass Poster Series from the Hallward Library, University of Nottingham

This is an important collection for the history of the Second World War and for
Soviet Studies.

Visually stunning and extremely scarce, the complete Nottingham University Collection of 129 hand-painted TASS Windows are published in colour in this microform edition for the first time, together with a further 37 printed posters from the same period.

  • There is an excellent guide and listing produced by our Consultant Editor,
    Dr Derek Spring, with English translations of captions and other text, as well as details on artists and authors.

They provide an excellent resource for studying Soviet propoganda, 1943-1945, and the following themes:

  • the positive image of the Western Allies.
  • vengeance for Nazi atrocities.
  • the dependable and fatherly image of Stalin.
  • the heroic efforts of the Soviet armies.
  • apprehensions about neutral countries protecting fleeing Nazis.
  • economic and social conditions.
  • the patritism of the masses.

"The TASS Window posters were significant as they were produced from stencils so that they could quickly respond to the news of the moment as compared to the printed poster. Dozens of prominent Soviet painters, artists, cartoonists, writers and poets participated in this work which imitated the ROSTA posters of the Civil War period. They were produced in very limited editions of a maximum of 1500. The current edition is the largest number of TASS Windows to be published in a single collection and includes items of which there is no record even in the Lenin Library catalogue of TASS Windows."
Dr Derek W Spring
Consultant Editor, Department of History, University of Nottingham.

Soviet War poster

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