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From the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University

This new project focuses on 90 significant works of history mainly written in Spanish about America before 1700, including on-the-spot narratives, lives of missionaries, ethnographic studies, and natural histories.  It includes writings by explorers, conquistadors, missionaries, traders and scientists.  Equally importantly, there are also works by mestizos and Native American writers. It offers a wide range of extremely rare printed items covering:

  • Early Accounts of the Americas
  • The Conquest of Mexico
  • The Ethnography of Mexico
  • The Conquest of Peru
  • The Continental Empire: Florida, Central America, the Amazon, Chile and the Philippines
  • The Quest for a General History of the Americas
  • The History of Religion in the New World
  • Biographies of leading protagonists
  • Literature and the New World

For any university offering courses in these areas, this project will offer important resources.  It will greatly enrich studies of the Aztecs and the Incas - their art, architecture, stories, languages, social systems and beliefs.  It will be invaluable for any study of the transformation of Spain in this period and of the profound impact that the New World had on European ideas and beliefs.


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