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Series IV: The Development of the Welfare State, c1904-1970

Part 1: AST, CAB, ED, INF, LAB, MH, PIN, RG and T Files from The National Archives, Kew

This project brings together a mass of important files from the British National Archives on the development of the Welfare State, including planning for the post-war period, the creation and evolution of the National Health Service, National Insurance and related legislation.

Based on the handbook compiled by Andrew Land under the supervision of Dr Noel Whiteside and Dr Rodney Lowe of the University of Bristol, we focus on material identified by them as being of “central significance” for the study of the Welfare State in the period after 1939. In this way we are providing access to a wealth of information that has never previously been made readily available. The files cover a diverse range of subjects with an emphasis on social security measures and free health care.

Included in Part 1 are:

• Cabinet papers on the creation of the National Health Service
• Documents on post-war hospital reorganisation
• Ministry of Health papers on the NHS
• Files on the Unemployment Assistance Board and successors
• Comparisons with social security provision overseas
• The Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey
• Memoranda, report and transcripts of evidence of the Curtis Committee on the Care of Children
• Papers of the Reconstruction Priorities Committee
• Minutes and Papers of the National Insurance Advisory Committee

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