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Series One: The Wilberforce Papers from the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Part 3: Papers of Samuel Wilberforce (1818-1873)

Parts 2 and 3 focus on the Papers of Samuel Wilberforce (1818-1873), successively Bishop of Oxford and of Winchester. He also served as chaplain to Prince Albert and as sub-almoner to Queen Victoria. He presided over many church reforms and earned a reputation for controversy due to his involvement in the Hampden trial and the Evolution debate.

Part 3 concentates on:

  • Diaries and Notebooks (including his notes for speeches, conversations with his father, private meeetings with bishops, committees of Convocation).
  • Other Personal Papers (including school exercises, notes on various church matters, the 'Colenso affair' and a draft reply to an attack in the
    National Standard
  • Literary Papers (including commonplace books, sermon notes, verses, correspondence and accounts with publishers).

Samuel Wilberforce’s papers are important for the insights they provide into Victorian Society. Religion and morality assume a central position, informing politics and literature.

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