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Series Two: Papers of William Wilberforce (1759-1833) and related slavery & anti-slavery materials from Wilberforce House, Hull

Wilberforce House in Hull was the first slavery museum in Britain and contains many fascinating exhibits.  It also has a splendid collection of archival materials and it is these that we present in this edition.  We include:

  • William Wilberforce's diary, 1814-1823, providing a detailed account of a ten year period in which Wilberforce campaigned relentlessy against slavery.
  • 179 letters by Wilberforce, including 45 to Thomas Fowell Buxton, and others to his son Henry, Lord Castlereagh, Zachary Macaulay, Granville Sharp, Thomas Clarkson, Hannah More and others.
  • His 'slavery' letter-book, containing abstracts of all of his letters on this subject from 1832 to 1833, when slavery was abolished in the colonies.
  • Wilberforce Miscellanea - material relating to local elections to Parliament; poetry; cuttings; original Acts of Parliament relating to slavery; discussions regarding apprenticeship, feeding, clothing and wages; examples of slave indentures, bills of sale, wanted posters, and records of auctions; and the famous model of the slave-ship Brookes.
  • Individual manuscripts documenting the slave trade such as the log-book of the Nancy, c1760, a slave trader's log-book, 1764 and original slave receipts and punishment records.
  • Substantial sets of plantation records relating to Barbados, Berbice and Demerara, 1786-1840.

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