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from Manchester Central Library

Part 1: Lydia Becker and the Manchester Society for Women's Suffrage (M50/1/1-18)

This is one of the most important archival collections in existence descibing the struggle for Women's Suffrage.

Part 1 covers the papers of Lydia Becker, founder of the Women's Suffrage Journal; Treasurer of the Married Women's Property Committee; a prominent figure with Josephine Butler in the campaign against the Contagious Diseases Acts; and ultimately President of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.   The collection includes:

  • Correspondence with Emily Davies, Henry Fawcett, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Josephine Butler, Laura McLaren, Frances Power Cobbe and Priscilla Bright McLaren (they discuss at length important issues with Lydia Becker and other colleagues in the Suffrage Movement).
  • Correspondence with leading feminists and sufragettes in America and throughout Europe.
  • Lydia Becker's own copies (sometimes annotated) of the Women's Suffrage Journal, together with 8 volumes of cuttings covering the Suffrage Movement, 1867-1897.
  • Papers of the Manchester Society for Women's Suffrage, including Minutes of the Executive Committee, 1912-1914, and Annual Reports, 1868-1919.  This was founded by Becker, Emily Davies and Elizabeth Wolstoneholme and achieved national and international significance.
  • Papers of Margaret Ashton and the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, 1908-1913.


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