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from Manchester Central Library

Part 2: The Papers of Millicent Garrett Fawcett - sections on Women's Suffrage, Education, Employment, Welfare, the First World War and other Women's Issues (M50/2-8)

This is one of the most important archival collections in existence descibing the struggle for Women's Suffrage.

Part 2 covers the papers of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, who was inspired to become a suffragette after hearing a speech by John Stuart Mill.  Married to Radical MP Henry Fawcett (a close associate of William Gladstone), Millicent Fawcett joined the London Suffrage Committee in 1868 and was involved in the organisation of women's lectures at Cambridge that led to the establishment of Newnham College.  She succeeded Lydia Becker as President of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies and joined Josephine Butler in her campaign against the white slave trade. This collection includes:

  • Correspondence between leading figures of the international feminist movement, from America, Australia, Europe, Britain and New Zealand (including Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucy Stone, Emily Davies, Eva McLaren and Amy Delay).
  • Her Subject Files and Minutes of the NUWSS.
  • Papers of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance and of the International Council of Women, 1911-1920.
  • Newspaper cuttings (1876-1911) and pamphlets on Women's Suffrage (1866-1919).
  • Papers on the Men's League for Women's Suffrage, the Women's Franchise League, the Women's Freedom League and the Women's Social and Political Union.


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