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The Papers of Sylvia Pankhurst, 1882-1960, from the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam

Part 2: Inventory Numbers 225-362, Pictures and Photographs

"Sylvia made a great contribution to the labour movement ... especially in her tireless campaigning for women's rights and against racism."
Socialism Today, March 2001

Sylvia Pankhurst was an extraordinary woman.

  • She played a key role in the development of feminism;
  • She fought for women's rights in Africa, America and across Europe;
  • She was prominent in the Labour movement, founding the Women's Dreadnought, a periodical aimed at British working class women;
  • She was a pronounced anti-racist and anti-imperialist and spent 24 years fighting for Ethiopian independence;
  • She was a great Pan-Africanist, admired by W E B DuBois;
  • She was a great writer, editing 4 newspapers, writing 22 books and countless articles on topics such as the history of women's suffrage, the Russian Revolution and the growth of socialism.

This project documents all of these issues and more.  Part 2 covers her papers on women's suffrage, World War I, the Worker's Dreadnought (as it became), Ireland, anti-fascism, communism and other topics; her press-cuttings; and pictures and photographs.

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