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Advice Books, Manuals and Journals for Women

Part 5: Sources from the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Following the publication of Parts 1-4 of this project, we received many requests to expand our coverage to cover the writings of a number of key women writers. 
As such, Part 5 concentrates on the publications of sixteen Victorian authors, from Sarah Adams to Charlotte Yonge.  The texts, in the form of manuals, advice books, essays, pamphlets and novels, are written by authors from differing social classes, and reveal insights into many areas of Victorian social behaviour. They include:

  • Sarah and Samuel Adams: The complete servant; being a practical guide to the peculiar duties and business of all descriptions of servants (1825).
  • Isabella Mary Beeton: How to manage house and servants, and make the most of your means (1866-67), Beeton’s penny cookery book (c1870), The management of children in health and sickness (1873) and 7 other titles.  
  • Elizabeth Blackwell: The laws of life, with special reference to the physical education of girls (1859) and 4 other titles.
  • Frances Power Cobbe:  The sick in the workhouses (1861); Essays on the pursuits of women (1863) and 12 other titles.
  • Sarah Stickney Ellis: The women of England, and their social duties, and domestic habits (1839) and 12 other titles.
  • Harriet Martineau: Household education (1849) and 2 other titles.
  • Charlotte Mary Yonge: The young step-mother; or, a chronicle of mistakes. (1861) and 6 other titles.

There are also writings by Lydia Maria Child, Hester Chapone, Dinah Mulock Craik, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Lydia Sigourney and Harriet Beecher-Stowe.

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