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Advice Books, Manuals and Journals for Women, 1450-1837

Part 5: Women's Writing and Advice, 1450-1700

This path-breaking project brings together early women's journals, ephemeral publications and didactic literature.  It will be invaluable for all those studying the history of women, family life, material culture,  and medieval and early modern women's writing.   Part 5 concentrates on the period from 1250 to 1700 and offers a combination of unique manuscript sources, ephemeral ballads and broadsides, and printed texts.  It is a particularly rich source for:

  • Medieval Women Writers such as Marie de France, Christine de Pisan and Marguerite de Navarre.
  • Women as Translators, including Margaret of Richmond, Mary Herbert, Elizabeth Tudor and Agnes More.
  • Women and the Church, with writings by Julian of Norwich, Lady Eleanor Douglas, Mary Rand, Gertrude More and Margaret Fell.
  • Early Modern Advice Literature on childbirth, medicine, marriage, divorce, the nursery, gardening, and household government.
  • Memorials to Women - contemporary written appreciations of the lives of important women.
  • Pamphlet disputes - lively debates concerning gender issues.
  • Writings by Aemillia Lanyer, Lady Mary Wroth, Anna Weamys and others.
  • Margaret Cavendish - all of her major printed works.
  • Plays and novels by Aphra Behn, Delarivier Manley and Susanna Centilevre.
  • Madeline de Scudery and Comtesse de la Fayette - Essays, romances and other writings.

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