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Manuscripts and Rare Printed Works of Hannah More (1745-1833) and her Circle from the Clark Library, Los Angeles

Part 1: Manuscripts, First Editions and Rare Printed Works of Hannah More

Hannah More was a highly successful and influential writer.  She wrote prolifically on philanthropy, politics, morals, manners and principals and aimed to revolutionise the behaviour and thinking of the nation.  This project presents a wide range of material relating to More and her circle.  It will allow an understanding of her as a playwright, poet, moralist, abolitionist and evangelical reformer.    Part 1 contains:

  • A fascinating collection of More’s correspondence, including letters from and to David Garrick, Elizabeth Montagu, Sir Robert Peel and Henry Thronton.
  • The small pocket book (1794) containing More’s religious thoughts, and written with her characteristic pithiness of self-reproach.
  • The notebook entitled Reminiscencies (1827) written by More in her later years.  It contains thirty seven pages of conversations with visitors to Barley Wood, and mentions some forty people including Sir Richard Hill, Rowland Hill, Elizabeth Carter, the Duke of Clarence, Robert Southey and Sir Joshua Reynolds.  To aid readers we include a complete transcription of this manuscript by Janice Devereux.
  • There is also a wide selection of first editions and rare printed works covering More’s plays, poetry, essays and her only novel Coelebs in Search of a Wife, Comprehending Observations on Domestic Habits and Manners, Religion and Morals

Hannah More’s manuscripts will be an important and valuable resource for all researchers in the fields of English, History and Women’s studies.  

"Hannah More was the most influential woman living in England during her day." 
Anne K Mellor,
Consultant Editor


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