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Manuscripts and Rare Printed Works of Hannah More (1745-1833) and her Circle from the Clark Library, Los Angeles

Part 3: Writings by Eminent Blue Stockings

Hannah More was a highly successful and influential writer.  She wrote prolifically on philanthropy, politics, morals, manners and principals and aimed to revolutionise the behaviour and thinking of the nation.  This project presents a wide range of material relating to More and her circle.  It will allow an understanding of her as a playwright, poet, moralist, abolitionist and evangelical reformer.   

Part 3 contains a range of rare printed material by a number of More’s contemporaries, friends and fellow members of the Blue Stockings, including:

  • Elizabeth Carter, a former journalist and renowned classical scholar.
  • Hester Chapone, an essayist, with miscellanies in prose and verse and works such as A letter to a new-married lady, 1777, and Letters on the improvement of the mind, addressed to a young lady, 1787. 
  • Elizabeth Montagu include The Letters of Mrs Elizabeth Montagu, bound in four volumes, and published between 1809 and 1813. 
  • Catherine Talbot, translator and essayist.
  • Anna Laetitia Barbauld, poet and educationalist.
  • Hester Thrale Piozzi, the friend of Johnson and host of famous literary parties.


"Far from being a footnote in the history of her age, she was one of its prime movers, leaving her imprint on the theatre, the bluestocking circle, the political debates sparked by the French Revolution, elementary education, the anti-slavery movement, the growth of evangelical religion, foreign missions and female philanthropy."
Anne Stott, writing in
Hannah More: The First Victorian (2003)

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