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The Papers of Nancy Astor, 1879-1964, from Reading University Library

Part 1: Autobiography, Political Diaries, Speeches, Articles and Newscuttings

"I married beneath me - all women do."
Nancy Astor

"I am much impressed by the range and usefulness of the material Adam Matthew are publishing. For both undergraduates and graduate/research students having such rich sources as the Papers of Nancy Astor will make learning about Britain a
fuller and more complex experience."
Professor Peter Stansky, Stanford University

This major project makes available for the first time the correspondence and papers of Nancy Astor and will make a substantial contribution to the examination of:

  • Gender and Politics;
  • the Origins of the Welfare State;
  • Political Oratory;
  • Anglo-American Relations, 1914-1964;
  • the Rights of Women and Children;
  • the Cliveden Set.
Part 1 contains her unpublished manuscript autobiography, her well-organised political diaries (with the text of all of her parliamentary contributions), notes for speeches (national and local), articles, and her 89 volumes of newscuttings kept in splendid condition, which show how Nancy Astor was perceived at home and abroad.  These provide an ideal introduction to her life and career.

Nancy Astor

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