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Part 2: Papers of the Ladies' Society for Female Education in Africa and India, 1878-1904, from the National Library of Scotland

"Women Missionaries promises to be an exciting new contribution to the growing field of Empire Studies. The wide range of rare primary source documents that make up the collection will prove an invaluable resource for researchers interested in the history of women, religion and empire."
Michelle Tusan, Assistant Professor in History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

This project makes available the complete surviving letter-books of The Ladies’ Society for Female Education in Africa and India for the period from 1878 to 1904.

These provide insights into:

  • the lives of women missionaries in the field.
  • the use of education as a tool for evangelisation.
  • fund-raising efforts in Scotland to support the missionaries.
  • Women's lives in Africa and India.
  • The part played by missionaries in the great imperial project - were they supportive or subversive?


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