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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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from Cambridge University Library

Part 1: Rare printed autobiographies covering thirty-three women's lives, 1713-1859

This project will be welcomed by all scholars studying:

  • The History of Women.
  • Autobiography.
  • Social History.
  • Literature.

Part 1 offers texts describing the lives of 33 women who lived between 1713 and 1859.  These include a middle class Quaker; an emigrant to America; a working-class orphan; a poet; a social reformer; a Roman Catholic aristocrat; a cross-dressing actress; an army daughter; several society hostesses; a non-conformist preacher; a missionary; a Royalist witness to the French Revolution; a woman pioneer who travelled amongst the Mohawks; a woman in religious turmoil; an Irish aristocrat; an Irish emigrant to America; a best-selling author; a witness of slavery in Jamaica; one of Princess Charlotte's servants; a Methodist; a Lady at Court in Hanoverian England; a sexual predator; a woman who fell from affluence to poverty; an actress, poet and novelist; essayists; an Indian settler; another actress; a cottage preacher; and a devoted mother.

All life is here - and as can be seen, there is much material relating to religion, the theatre, literature, politics, travel and slavery.

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