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Some customer comments:

"I have been purchasing microfilm collections from Adam Matthew Publications since the establishment of the company in 1990 and I have always been impressed with the quality of their products and fastidious attention to detail provided in their guides. I am delighted to learn that they are offering electronic cataloguing."
Alan Ventress, Director, State Records Authority of New South Wales

"The range of historical materials which Adam Matthew Publications are making available - both on microfilm and electronically - grows richer and more diverse by the year. For anyone who cares about the past, and especially about the crumbling evidence it leaves behind, this is cause for gratitude and delight. And for professional historians, the easy availability of these valuable materials not only widens the horizons of their research, it also transforms their teaching. For senior scholars and undergraduates, these collections are indispensable and they should occupy an honoured place in every university library."
David Cannadine, Former Director, Institute of Historical Research,
University of London

"Adam Matthew Publications do an outstanding job of bringing a very broad, interesting, and thematically coherent range of primary sources to students of British and Empire history and literature the world over."
Professor Philip Harling, Department of History and Associate Dean of Faculty, University of Kentucky.

"The expertly produced microfilm collections published by Adam Matthew, especially the 'Industrial Revolution' collection, have been absolutely indispensable to my recent research. The availability of such material is a boon to all scholars who find themselves distant from important manuscript collections and it stimulates new ideas for research as well as enabling the prosecution of existing projects."
David Philip Miller, History & Philosophy of Science, The University of New South Wales. Author of Discovering Water: James Watt, Henry Cavendish and the Nineteenth-Century 'Water Controversy'  (Ashgate, 2004).

"History is in the middle of a teaching revolution, and the provision of online resources to undergraduates is the meat and gristle of that revolution.  As a teacher in the new University sector, the wealth of resources currently being created in a range of contexts has transformed what my students experience.  Now with the pallet of projects by Adam Matthew Publications, I can assign the most challenging of tasks without worrying about the depth of library resources available. Their products are at the cutting edge of online develoments, are of the highest quality, and accurately reflect what is currently being taught on undergraduate degrees across Britain (and which will continue to be taught for the next decade)"
Tim Hitchcock, Professor of Eighteenth-Century History, Associate Dean (Research), University of Hertfordshire. Co-Director: OldBaileyOnline (www.oldbaileyonline.org)

"I think that the development of the Adam Matthew Publications list is very exciting and I am delighted that you provide guides with all of your publications. These guides are important reference tools for researchers and students to use and vastly improve access to the microform collections."
Pat Dominguez, Walter Royal Davis Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Traditional approaches to Women’s Studies are changing. Increasing attention is being given to masculinity and to issues surrounding gender especially in regard to literature. Adam Matthew Publications are at the fore-front of fostering these developments by providing ready access to a broad range of inter-disciplinary collections of writings from the medieval period up to the twentieth century. From broadsheets to ballads, diaries to letters, public records and private papers, Adam Matthew Publications have amassed a unique combination of interdisciplinary texts that promises to be indispensable to every serious library. This is an important resource for researchers, scholars, and students particularly in the fields of Social History, Literature, History of Medicine, Women and Gender Studies."
Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts, University of the West of England at Bristol

"I am much impressed by the range and usefulness of the material Adam Matthew are publishing. For both undergraduates and graduate/research students having such rich sources as the Papers of Nancy Astor, Sylvia Pankhurst and Edward Carpenter, as well as your other projects will make learning about Britain a
fuller and more complex experience."

Professor Peter Stansky, Stanford University

"It is most welcome news that the files on Japan from the Public Record Office for the years 1952-1962 are now available on microfilm. Students of post-World War II Japanese foreign affairs, international relations, the Cold War, and US and UK foreign policies will find here a wealth of invaluable material. Historians have found Public Record Office documents the main starting point for their research and, given the undeveloped field of post-war Japanese history, these documents are certain to provide new data and fresh perspectives that will contribute enormously to our knowledge."
Professor Akira Iriye, Harvard University

"Research libraries and scholars are fortunate to have in the UK Adam Matthew Publications who are, by some considerable way, our most prolific and imaginative publishers of research collections. For more than a decade they have been producing high quality microform and electronic sets, bringing together and making more readily accessible primary sources in history, literature, women's, cultural, religious, and international and area studies. Particularly impressive is the way they have been able to read trends in current teaching and research interests and produce sets to match. Even more commendable is their willingness (rare in the industry) to bring together significant material from different repositories, so ensuring richness of collections, strengthening their source value, and positively stimulating comparative study and research that would otherwise be very difficult. I thoroughly recommend the Adam Matthew Publications catalogue to any library seeking to build or strengthen its research resource. They can be assured of excellent products with clear accompanying guides. Quite apart from all this, Adam Matthew Publications are the pleasantest of companies to deal with"
Donald Munro, Librarian, Institute of Historical Research, London

I've found the Adam Matthew collections in Victorian literature and culture invaluable for both my teaching and my research. They provide important contextual materials and original research topics for my graduate students, and for a cultural critic like myself, often drawn to resources that are rare or out of print, they are a godsend. They bring the resources of the best research libraries in the world to my own institution so I can consult them every day, over and over, through the life of a project."
Professor Ellen Rosenman, Chair, Department of English, University of Kentucky

"As always, your publications are remarkable, chosen with intelligence and imagination."

Dr. Marilyn Gaull, Editor, The Wordsworth Circle, Professor of English, New York University

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