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The African Times and Orient Review, 1912-1914, 1917-1918 and
the African Colonizer, 1840-1841

  • Duse Mohammed Ali was one of the founders of Pan-Africanism.  He launched The African Times & Orient Review in 1912 as a monthly journal devoted to art, commerce, politics and litearture.
  • Volume 1 No 1 proclaimed that "the recent Universal Races Congress, convened in the Metropolis of the Anglo-Saxon world, clearly demonstrated that there was ample need for a Pan-Oriental, Pan-African journal in the seat of the British Empire."
  • Topics covered include the Negro Conference at the Tuskegee Institute, Hindu treatment by the Borden Government, the Race problems of Hawaii, a Mosque in London, the Anglo-Ottoman Society, and British Courts in Uganda.
  • There are articles on Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Ceylon, Egypt, Liberia, Haiti, China, the Malay States, Brazil, the USA, and South Africa.
  • The African Colonizer, 1840-1841, is more narrowly focused on trade, but includes features on the West African Gum Trade, the Slave Trade, Fine Woolled Sheep, Emigration and the Aborigines Protection Society.

These journals are part of our 'Business and Financial Papers' series.

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