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Part 2: Publications and Reports of Anti-Slavery International and predecessors, 1880-1979

This second part provides a broader context for the current debate on slavery by looking at the issues that have been discussed over the past one hundred years. The connections between Empire and Slavery are made abundantly clear with many case studies of human rights abuses in the outposts of European empires from Algeria to the Congo and Indonesia to Hong Kong.  It includes publications of ASI, its predecessors and related groups, 1880-1979. Sample titles include:

  • Blacks and Whites in South Africa: An Account of Past Treatment and Present Conditions (1900)
  • Coolie Labour: the Indian Recruiting Ground (1910)
  • The Greatest Land Case in British History - Struggle for Native Rights in Rhodesia (1918)
  • Child Slavery in Hong Kong (1921)
  • Slavery in Liberia (1930)
  • The Aborigines of Australia: A Plea for the Remnant (1932)
  • The Destiny of Africa (1947)
  • Islamic Thought on Slavery (1957)

These pamphlets and reports provide ample evidence that slavery did not disappear with the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade in 1867. Both capitalist and communist systems can be seen to have exploited other ethnic groups or sections of their own community for their own benefit.

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